Is Sonos Worth the Money?

Sonos produce very high-quality and high-performance music systems. There are a number of companies that produce such products but Sonos are renowned as one of the best. Their systems and products range from £70 up to in excess of £500 depending on what you are purchasing. Some people do ask the question “Is Sonos worth the money?” due to the price of their systems, which though competitively priced are actually not that excessive.

Let’s take a look at some of their products and prices in detail.

The Sonos S5:

The S5 is probably one of Sonos’ most popular products. It is a complete wireless music system, with 5 built-in speakers. The S5 will connect to your home Wi-Fi system and give you the ability to play all the music on your computer and on-line. You simply plug it in and it is ready to go. The S5 can be turned into a multi-room music system if required. To do this you place an S5 unit into all the rooms that you want the music to be streamed to. You can wirelessly control all the speakers from your Mac, PC, iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. The S5 unit costs £349.00.

The Sonos Zone Player 120:

The Zone Player 120 needs to be connected up to a pair of speakers. Most of us will have some of these at home. The 120 has a state of the art digital amplifier to provide top-class sound quality. There is no technical expertise needed to set up the 120. It works in a similar way to the S5; more zone players can be added if required. One of these will cost you £399.00

The Sonos controller 200:

The controller has a full-color VGA display touch screen. It comes with a charging cradle so there is no need for batteries. The controller enables you to control all of your zone players from anywhere in the house. You can use it to select what song you want to play in the kitchen, pick a different song for the lounge, and something else for the patio. It’s very stylish and will cost £279.00 to purchase.

So, these are just three of Sonos’ products. The old saying is true; you really do get what you pay for. Music is so important to so many people these days and it is definitely worth paying a few extra pounds to get something of superior quality such as a Sonos System.

If you’re serious about music and entertaining then the Sonos is the best music system money can afford. And it’s not even that expensive! Get more info about the Sonos  [http://soundspick.com]

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