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How to embed an entire Tweet and Twitter timeline into your website?

Popular microblogging platform Twitter You can embed tweets and messages Just like YouTube, you can enter up to 140 characters on any website. To make it more interactive now, the website has launched a tool that allows you to easily embed an interactive timeline of tweets into any website.

The most popular and best source for breaking news around the world. From celebrities and influencers to brands and ordinary people, there are about 6,000 tweets every 60 seconds. Wow.

Twitter is where you connect, chat, and keep people up to date with your business or blog. For many businesses, Twitter is a social media platform where news, announcements, and public messages can be found. Heck, even the President of the United States on Twitter!

These new embeddable timelines enable publishers, writers, developers, and all Twitter users to drop rich, interactive Twitter on their websites.

There is no change in functionality. An embedded timeline allows you to extend your tweets to show photos and media, retweet, mark them as favorites, reply to tweets directly from the page.

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Embed Tweet on Website

Log in to your Twitter account and search for the Tweet you want to embed. Move your cursor over the tweet and click the Open link.

Then scroll down until you find the Details link. If you notice it, click on it.

Immediately click the “Embed this Tweet” link when it appears.

Then copy the link from the pop-up window that appears on your computer screen and paste it into your chosen website.

Embed the entire Twitter timeline on your website.

For this, go here and see the “Current embedded timeline link for Create your page. It’s the first line of the last paragraph. When I sign in, I’m automatically taken to the Widget section of the Twitter settings page. There is a [New] button in.

Then go to the main page, select your timeline source, and customize options such as height, theme, and link color. When you’re done, click the Create Widget button to create your timeline.

Then copy the code and paste it into your site’s HTML. that’s it!

Now you can easily interact with the Twitter timeline when you browse the embedded website. Expand a photo/media to view it or start a conversation right from the Tweet box on the page.

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