How Long Does it Take to Steam Clean a Couch ?

How to Clean a Couch with Steam Cleaner

A couch is basically the name of comfort and ease of sitting while watching T.V or gossip with friends and family. It is one of the most commonly used furniture items in the house. Sofas or couches are being used in different places like a lounge, dining hall, salons, offices, restaurants, and more.

They come in variety of shapes, stuff, and sizes. People choose according to their needs. Every category has its pros and cons. However, not everyone prefers couches because there is also a number of drawbacks.

The fact is, if you are using a sofa for your daily home use, then you must have to face problems like food stains, pet pee, coffee mark, and especially it’s dangerous for people who often suffer from allergies. There are various types of sofa and couch like leather, velvet; having a fabric sofa means it’s gripping dust and mildew. People often use regular vacuuming to clean it. Unfortunately, it fails in collecting dust and destroying germs and bacteria’s.

To resolve this serious issue Best Steam Cleaner for Couch and Sofa is the best option to buy. It helps blast away stubborn spots and stains and sanitizes and kills 99.9% of germs and microbes and presents you hygiene sofa. Steam cleaning not only extends the lifetime but also make it fresh as new. Most importantly, must steam clean your furniture at least one or two time in a year to maintain its quality and to enhance life.

Knowing how long it takes you to steam clean a couch depends on what kind of sofas stuff you are owing. Steam cleaning is a process that must be taken after some interval. Daily steam cleaning may damage the fabric of the couch. Be careful while cleaning Heavily Soiled Microfiber Couch.

Before starting the steaming process its necessary to check some factors. First of all, clean a little part of the couch to check the color of the treated area once it dry. If nothing happens, then you can proceed with further cleaning.

First, you have to fill the tank with plain tap water to get started with the process, make sure to use Luke warm water. Attach the couch cleaner accessory to extract the stains for better results. Use the best-recommended cleaning chemical if needed, mix it with water scrubs it on the spotted area gently on the couch. This will allow you to get a stain-free couch within 20-25 mins. Once you are done with leaving it to dry. Its drying time also depends on its stuff and the present temperature of the weather. If you want to use a couch within an hour, then it’s better to use a steam cleaner with features to dry the fabric. There are a number of steamers who offer this outstanding feature.

With this process, you and your loved ones can enjoy the comfort of the couch within 60 mins. In addition to this, it would not damage the color of the sofa. It’s either faster or easier than other traditional methods.  Once the couch is dry, check the spotted area if stains still exist there, you can repeat the process to permanently remove the stain.


For cleaning and purifying furniture like a couch, upholstery, and other fabric in less time, a steam cleaner is a right choice for homeowners to go for. This effective method prolongs your furniture’s life by sustaining its color and fabric quality and saves you time plus hundreds of dollars for professional cleaning. Besides, assist you to eliminate all the dust and dirt quickly. With the above-mentioned steps, you can get intense cleaning of a couch in approximately 30 mins.

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