A Look At The History Of Purple drank Lean

Purple drank, also called legal Lean and many other names, is an illegal drug drink, usually prepared by mixing prescription cough syrups with some sort of sweet candy and sometimes hard candy. The original concoction came from Houston, Texas, and has been popular ever since in the inner city or those who live in the south. As far as ingredients are concerned, it’s just common sugar with no-fat or low-fat milk. The mixture is then mixed with a few other things such as lemon juice, water, some herbal tea, non-caffeinated or low-caffeine coffee, orange juice and ice.

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In theory, purple drank would taste and act like a traditional cough syrup. It has stimulant effects that would make people feel jittery or “high.” The idea behind the drink was to mimic the feeling of being high without the jitters and nervousness. Since the legal version of the drink is now illegal, most “leans” are now sold in other countries. Because of this, it has lost some of its popularity and has become more difficult to buy in certain areas.

It’s still legal in California, though it is sold in a very controlled manner. In the state of Florida, it is only available through a doctor’s prescription. A person can buy purple drank over-the-counter in almost every state in the country excepting New York. It is possible to get a hold of it in Illinois but it is extremely difficult to find because of the controlled nature of the sale. It is sold in grocery stores and most supermarkets sell it under the name “lean pop” or “legal lean.”

Different types of drinks are made from the powdered substance, but they all come from the same place–a purple drink called purple drank. It’s usually sold in stores called convenience stores or vitamin stores. These types of stores also sell soda and white bread. It is usually sold in a can, but one must drink the beverage through a straw or drink it standing up. This beverage is not intended for regular consumption as it is very popular among teenagers who like to drink it during parties.

There are many stories as to why this drink became so popular. Many believe that it was a replacement for beer as a way of getting alcohol out of the system. Another reason people like it is because it tastes good. It is not alcoholic in taste but rather has a flavor similar to that of cranberry juice. Many people claim that it tastes just like grape juice.

Today, people use the internet to purchase this type of drink online. It can be purchased for about the same price as the original purple drank–around $4.00. Although it is not as popular as it used to be, it still can be purchased at a decent price. In the end, it comes down to how much a person likes the taste of hard liquor and how much they are willing to pay for it.

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